Bjd wishlist

1. Repuria, Island of Fog / Margery, the duchess/ With face-up in normal.
2. Poppy / Penguins Holiday/ Without face-up in white (with outfit)
3. Penn / Penguins Holiday/ Without or with face-up in normal. (with outfit)
4. Dark Elf Angela/ With face-up or without in rosy brown UV or rosy brown.
5. Dark knight PRISCILLA/ Without or with face-up in gray or UV grey.
6. Elf Hunter ASH/ with or without face-up in Rosy brown UV.
7. Happy Ending Story set.
8. Elf Hunter EMMA/ With face-up in brown/tann)

1. Aiden/ With face-up in real skin tone.
2. Mai Twin/ With face-up in normal skin tone.
3. Angela/ With face-up in normal or real. (pref darker tones)
4. Cathy/ With or without face-up in white, pink normal or normal. ( opt for head)
5. Parcilla/ With or without face-up in (undecided) ( opt for head)
6. Emma/ With or without face-up in (undecided) (opt for head)

on December 15th, 2015

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